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Dont suffer through years of trial and error like I did! It's time to stop making excuses and take action to improve your life.

For a limited time, I'm providing all my nutrition tips and the exact exercise routines I used to gain muscle. I've put this all together in a simple-to-follow program which can lead you to the physique you've always dreamed of.

You can have that ripped, powerful, muscular body you want. Take action and invest in my Secret Body Building Tips program and actually GO AFTER IT.
Secret Tip #1:  What you eat is not as important as WHEN you eat.
​​​​​You see, you have to feed your body MORE FOOD, more often, if you want to gain muscle mass.  So the honest reality is... gaining muscle mass has more to do with your eating habits than it does with ANY kind of exercise!

Now, another thing about eating: Spreading out your meals is CRUCIAL for building new muscle mass.

You see, unlike fat, your body can’t store protein very well. If it doesn’t get a steady stream of protein every 3 to 4 hours... it will actually take it from your MUSCLE!
Clock meals
Secret Tip #2:  Spending MORE time at the gym actually DESTROYS muscle!
Too Much Time in the Gym
​​​​​​​I see way too many guys spending 2 to 3 hours a day working out in the gym. Not only does that NOT help...but it’s actually doing more harm than good.

Studies show that your body starts to break down muscle after about 30 minutes of weight lifting. In other words, you’re actually tearing down muscle by working out for too long.

And don’t copy pro bodybuilder workouts, those guys use large amounts of performance enhancing drugs that allow them to keep training those marathon sessions...

So it's important to keep your workouts to 45 minutes or less by cutting down on sets and reps and ONLY do what matters.
Secret Tip #3:  Eating protein does NOT build muscle!
One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to build muscle is they eat as many grams of protein as humanly possible.

Protein isn’t the holy grail of muscle-building that those popular bodybuilding magazines would lead you to believe! I’m NOT saying that protein isn’t important for building muscle, because it is.
What I’m saying is that NOT all protein is created equal... some proteins can actually pack on a ton more muscle mass than others.
You can actually increase the amount of natural muscle-building hormones in your body by including anabolic protein sources like lean beef, eggs and fatty fish into your diet every single day.

And no amount of protein will help you if you don’t also eat the RIGHT amount of carbohydrates and healthy fats.
Protein Powder
Secret Tip #4:  You need to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and Veggies
Yes, you heard it right! Eating fruits and vegetables are a MUST for building muscle.

You can take a vitamin supplement each day, but it won't give you the same nutrients you can only get when you eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables give your muscles the nutrients they need in order to recover and repair themselves.

Again, this is where the muscle growth takes place: when you rest and recover from your workouts.

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Building muscle does NOT come from the time you spend in the gym! 

I repeat. If you want to build a lot more muscle in less time, you’ve got to focus on MORE than just the time you spend in the gym. Because the truth is, muscle growth DOES NOT happen in the gym. It all happens outside of the gym... when you’re resting.

Look, chances are... you’ve already tried a bunch of workouts. In fact, you’re probably already working out a lot, right?
And you’ve probably tried a whole bunch of different supplements?

Every time you spend your hard-earned money on another supplement... you’re secretly wishing that “this will be the one”. But it never is.

Sound familiar?

Well, once again... it takes MORE than just working out in the gym. And it takes MORE than just downing a whole bunch of nasty protein powders or other supplements to gain muscle.

What REALLY works to build a ton of muscle is something you’re NEVER going to hear about on a late-night TV infomercials trying to sell you the latest exercise gadget or workout program.

What really builds muscle is nutrition! And I am not talking about chugging a bunch of weight gainers either.

What is my story and how can I help you?
You see, I feel it’s my duty to give back and let others know about what I learned. My name is Paul Veenendall and I am founder of and a longtime hardgainer and former "skinny guy".

You see I was always scrawny throughout high school and even college, weighing on average 135lbs at 5' 10".

It seemed that no matter how much I ate or what I did, I couldn’t gain any muscle at all. Just like you may be doing, I worked out for hours each day.
Weight Gainers
I tried a ton of different weight gainers and protein supplements… but it was always the same results: None.

What was I doing wrong? Well, like I mentioned earlier... the first mistake I made is the same one that MOST people do: I read the popular bodybuilding magazines and tried the same workouts the pros did.

I also was so gullible… I kept spending money on every new supplement that claimed they could produce magical results. But guess what?

Surprise, surprise... NONE of it worked. To make matters worse, my confidence continued to take a hit because I was sick and tired of feeling scrawny and skinny.
I really wanted to change my body and improve my life.

Well... I'm here to tell you that you CAN change and you CAN improve your body AND your life. You see, when I finally got fed up with all the lies and bad information I was getting... I decided to finally figure it out for myself.

I made it my own personal mission to learn the truth about building muscle. I didn’t care what it was, research reports, medical journals, reference materials... I was going to learn the truth about gaining muscle mass.

After a few weeks of reading everything I could, I slowly started to realize that gaining muscle had LESS to do with working out, and more to do with my nutrition.

AND that is when everything came together. Over the next couple years I bulked up to 190lbs and finally settled around 180lbs and under 10% bodyfat.

I have been compiling all my nutrition tips and techniques I used to gain muscle and put them all together.

You see, skinny hardgainers just like me, need a nutrition plan and not just another workout.

And that's what brought me to create:

Secret Body Building Tips
Complete Nutrition Plan for Building Muscle
Secret Body Building Tips Version 2
Secret Body Building Tips is a muscle building nutritional program. It focuses on proper nutrition that naturally will lead to more muscle gains.

It has a step by step nutrition manual that shows you what you need to be eating, how much you need to eat, when you should eat.  The training manual includes all the specific exercise routines to maximize muscle growth.

You will also find several easy to make and tasty recipes that will help you build lean muscle!

Here are a few things you will discover inside the book

  • The "Conqueror's Meal" that you NEED to eat every single day...if you aren't doing this you aren't growing
  • FINALLY...the answer to the age-old question: "How many times should I eat per day?"
  • The ABSOLUTE BEST protein sources out there...including more than a few surprises.
  • All about fat: Not the stuff hanging off your belly, but the fat in food...including some fatty foods that actually burn off body fat!
  • Keto Diet: Information on how to incorporate the Keto Diet into your muscle building program.
  • Whole Foods: The importance of eating whole and natural foods if you want to pack on real muscle
  • How many calories: How much you really need to eat to gain weight and build lean muscle
  • Why getting just the right amount of water is a must for anyone looking to pack on mass
  • What alcohol does to the body and the effect on muscle gains
  • How to easily create a muscle building shopping list for the store and find the best foods for your new muscle building diet
  • What are really the best sources for carbs and how will this help my training
  • What you should be eating for the most important meal of the day, which will help rebuild your muscles
  • Muscle building recipes: Over 70 healthy and delicious muscle building meals that are easy to make
  • A complete training guide: My personal program including all training routines and a logbook to record your results

Bring out your inner warrior and get fit as fast as possible
A plan that will completely reshape your body
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What is included in the Secret Body Building Tips:
Component 1:  Nutrition Manual
Nutrition Manual
The Secret Body Building Tips Nutrition Manual is packed with nutritional information whether you are looking to build muscle, lose fat, or just stay healthy.

You will learn how much food you should eat, what types of food, when to eat, how often to eat. You will learn all about carbohydrates, protein, fat, water consumption and how all these affect your body and muscle gains. 

You will also learn about meal planning and the importance of tracking your diet and more...

[$127 Value]
Component 2:  Nutrition Logs

The Nutrition Logs are a day by day meal planning guide for the a full 12 weeks.

No need to guess what to eat, or how many calories - just follow the serving guide and pick from the different foods.

From 2000 to 5000 calories per day meal plans. It also comes complete with a full list of foods you should be eating as well.
[$67 Value]
Component 3:  Meals and Recipies
Meals & Recipies

I've actually added over 70 mouth-watering muscle building recipes to this program!

The Secret Body Building Tips Nutrition Manual shows you WHAT to eat and this recipe guide will show you how to turn those foods into easy-to-make meals. No culinary skills required!

You will get recipes for chicken/poultry dishes, seafood/fish, beef, snacks, and breakfast options.
[$97 Value]
Component 4:  Training Guide
Training Manual

This training includes my personal discoveries in building muscle and gaining weight.  Astonished at the simplicity of my program, I decided to document and share it to help people looking for similar results.

The Secret Body Building Tips Training Manual gives you all the tools you need to pack on lean muscle in the fastest possible time.

You will begin seeing some results within a few weeks, but after 3 months should see enormous differences in your before and after photos and measurements.
[$147 Value]
Component 5:  Training Logs
Training Manual

The secret to success, whether it be in exercise or any other program is monitoring results.  Our training logs provide a convenient way to document your progress and a feedback mechanism

The Secret Body Building Tips Training Logs work in conjunction with the Training Manual to ensure a consistent approach and greatly increase the rate of success

Documentation of results can be an encouragement and vital motivation to keep on track in the program.
[$67 Value]
Bonus Item:  25 Powerful Smoothies for a Perfect Body

Inside this ebook, you'll find 25 original smoothie recipes, each one with the muscle building nutrients you need to get results.

These smoothies offer a fast, convenient, and tasty way to get the nutrition you need to gain more muscle, get stronger, and look and feel your best. Try some of these delicious recipes today!
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Very rarely can I give my stamp of approval
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Good advice and inspiration to get fitter and stronger
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Sounds great, but will it work for me?
If you take action and follow the nutrition strategies in our plan I guarantee you will see positive results and improvement in your life.

Even though I'm very confident, I STILL want to eliminate all worry for you by letting you use this program at my expense.

Order "Secret Body Building Tips” right now and just give these methods a try.

Take a full 60 days to try out the techniques. If you're not completely thrilled and 100% satisfied FOR ANY REASON with what it's done for you, just ask and you'll receive a full and total refund. Quickly and easily. Absolutely no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.
Risk Free Guarantee
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Don't suffer through years and years of trial and error like I did! It is time to stop making excuses and take action to improve your life.

I will always be here to help and wish you success!

Paul Veenendall

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